Talking Urinal Cakes – Another Unique Tool to Combat Drunk Driving

If the sound of a ladies voice in the men’s room has you searching for the source, it just may be coming from the urinals. In an effort to employ a unique and attention grabbing way to remind bar patrons to avoid driving drunk, the Michigan Office of Highway Safety Planning recently asked restaurant and bar owners to place “talking” urinal cakes in restrooms to encourage patrons to call a cab or a friend to get home safely. Bar and restaurant patrons have been exposed to posters, radio advertisements, and television commercials for years reminding them not to drive drunk, but this new delivery format is garnering a lot of buzz.

The Michigan OHSP, working with the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association, mailed out the motion-activated deodorizer cakes to bars and restaurants in early July as a part of statement efforts to crack down on impaired driving over the Fourth of July weekend. While the message is very serious and nothing new, the delivery method hasn’t been used before, and it’s getting people talking and taking the message to heart.

Do you think a similar program could be successful in Nevada? Do you think creative messaging like talking urinal cakes might convince bar patrons to call a designated driver? Tell us what you think!


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Laying the Foundations for Success – Great Traits for Bar Managers

Hospitality Managers have the difficult job of balancing the wants and needs of establishment owners, employees, and customers. A great manager can juggle customer satisfaction with a multitude of ever changing tasks each and every day, all while helping to support a busy staff, boosting sales and performance, and keeping an eye to the health and safety of patrons. Nightclub & Bar recently released an article titled, “How Bar Managers Can Succeed,” and we here at TAM® of Nevada wholeheartedly agree with the attributes they list as key for bar managers. You can read the full article here, and here are a couple more qualities that we’d add to the list:

  1. A passion for excellence. A great manager not only has a desire to lead, he or she takes pride in the service or product offered, and inspires the staff to put their best foot forward.
  2. Flexibility. In a busy and fast-paced world like Las Vegas’ hospitality industry, a manager who can roll with the punches is invaluable. Not everything will always go according to plan, and a manager who is adaptable and can be flexible is in the best position for success.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. What insider tips would you give someone looking to excel the in hospitality industry? What tips would you give someone looking to improve their management skills?


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Las Vegas Police Issue DUI Citations after Super Bowl Celebrations – A Reminder about Safe Beverage Service

Holidays, special sporting events, and other events which draw crowds looking to gather in a fun and celebratory environment can up the odds that some partiers may choose to drive while intoxicated. Las Vegas Police issued a warning to those planning to celebrate around town on Super Bowl Sunday; if you drink and drive, you will get caught.

After setting up a sobriety checkpoint and reminding people not to drink and drive, there were unfortunately still several incidents around town. On Sunday night there was a six-car crash reported on Rainbow Boulevard which resulted in one fatality, thought to be caused by a drunk driver (8 News Now). In another incident across town, a teenager was hit by a suspected drunk driver while waiting at a bus stop in the early AM hours on Monday (Action News 13). Police took 13 suspected drunken drivers off the road on Sunday evening, but even one drunk driver is too many.

While those consuming alcoholic beverages should be responsible about their alcohol intake, bartenders, and anyone else who serves alcoholic beverages also has a legal and moral responsibility to serve responsibly, and promote an alternative means of getting home if anyone appears intoxicated. For a list of steps service professionals can take to serve responsibly and promote safe beverage service, refer to our blog post, “DUI-Related Traffic Deaths Up This Year in Southern Nevada – Are You Doing All You Can to Help Prevent Drunk Driving?


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Summer Jobs – Opportunities Abound to Work Poolside in Las Vegas!

Ever dream of working in a position where you can enjoy the summer sunshine, listen to music from excellent DJs, and net great tips at one of the area’s most popular venues? It’s that time of year again, and the hottest spots around town are hiring for a variety of summer positions at their pools and bars. Whether you’re looking for work as a cocktail server, bartender, host, or a variety of other hospitality-based positions, these brisk winter months are the best time to prepare for auditions and interviews. Las Vegas Weekly released an informative article, “Tips for Landing a Job on a Las Vegas Pool Deck,” with great advice for landing a summer job poolside, as well as a detailed list of who’s hiring, and what you’ll need to do to apply.

Las Vegas Weekly offers great advice on how to prepare, but remember, you’ll also need to obtain your TAM® Card prior to serving drinks, poolside or otherwise. Visit our website to register for one of our online or on-site alcohol awareness classes today. For even more advice on responsible poolside beverage service, check out our blog post, “Are You Serving Poolside? Five Ideas for Popular Vegas Pool Parties!

What advice would you give others about serving poolside?


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