Are You Serving Poolside? Five Ideas for Popular Vegas Pool Parties!

Extended exposure to the heat and sun can cause dehydration. In fact, experts will tell you to avoid drinks containing caffeine or alcohol while in the sun or heat. When a person is dehydrated, they actually have a lower volume of blood. With less blood in the system, it will take less alcohol to reach a higher blood alcohol content level.

So, add alcohol to the mix and party goers can quickly become even more dehydrated while drinking their poolside cocktails. So, how can pool party servers ensure that their guests have fun in the sun? Remember, the key word is fun. Hugging the toilet or being rushed to the hospital with heat exhaustion is not fun. When your guests are having fun, they are more likely to give better tips. Here are five ways to keep the party hoppin’ without your customers droppin’:

  1. With each drink order, remember to ask, “Would you also like a glass of ice-cold water?” By helping your guests to stay hydrated, you’ll offset the dehydrating effects of the alcohol and the heat and sun.
  2. Offer food. Food in the stomach keeps alcohol in the stomach for a longer period of time which means that it will be absorbed into the bloodstream at a much slower rate.
  3. Count drinks and monitor behavior. By keeping track of how much your guests are drinking, you can better judge when they’ve had enough. When in doubt, do not serve.
  4. Monitor moods and serve accordingly. Anxiety can slow down or stop digestion and absorption of alcohol causing people to drink too much too fast. Then, once they do relax, all that alcohol that is setting in their stomach will release and the person may seem to become “instantly intoxicated.”
  5. Suggest some shade and promote an alcohol-free beverage. You can say, “You know it’s really hot out here today. I don’t want you to miss out on the party. Let me find you a shady spot. I’ll hook you up with a nice drink and you can sit back and watch all the hotties.”

By following these steps, you up the FUN factor and you keep yourself, other guests and your establishment safe.

What other ways that you have been managing service at Vegas pool parties?

© 2010 National Hospitality Institute®, TAM® of Nevada


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