Four Service Ideas for Vegas Hospitality Professionals

TAM-Hospitality-ProfessionalsEffective service in the hospitality industry requires product knowledge and an ability to gain the trust of your customers so that they will take advice when necessary. You need to be in a position of professional control of customer behaviors.

Following are four ideas for exercising professional service:

  1. Know the taste, characteristics, preparation and pronunciation of all menu items.
  2. Know which beverages complement each food item.
  3. Know the ingredients and how various alcoholic beverages are produced.
  4. Suggest premium brands whenever possible.

Treat your customers as if they’re in your home—guests, so to speak. Be aware that your attitude toward that customer will affect their attitude—and tipping as well. You can help ensure your “guests” have a pleasant experience and return to your establishment in the future.

What other ideas would you add to this list?

© 2010 National Hospitality Institute®, TAM® of Nevada


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