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EDCTAMCardThe always popular Electric Daisy Carnival festival is less than 100 days away. We’re offering a special discount code for anyone who needs to get their TAM Card® to work at the event. Use promo code EDC2019 for $5 off your alcohol awareness training and TAM Card when you register at the TAM of Nevada website. Don’t delay – only the first 50 people who use this promo code will receive the discount.

Volunteers and employees will descend onto the festival grounds at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway from May 17-19 to help serve and sell alcoholic beverages. If you’re planning to work at this event, make sure you are prepared. Alcohol awareness cards are required for anyone selling or serving alcoholic beverages for any length of time. That includes special one-time events and festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival… and the TAM® Card is the number one choice of employers in Las Vegas.

To register for a class and get your TAM Card, visit our website today.


Are You Ready to Take an Alcohol Awareness Exam?

Our TAM students often ask about the alcohol awareness final exam. Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions. Need more help? Let us know in the comments below. Read on for tips on how you can prepare for your final exam.

TAM Card® Nation in Vegas!

StockSnap_BBX50H7QEZRead on for tips on how you can prepare for your final exam.

The State of Nevada’s Commission on Postsecondary Education requires that students pass a supervised exam with a 75% or better before being issued an Alcohol Education Card. What does that mean for you? If you complete your TAM® training online you must physically go to the provider’s approved school location to take a proctored exam after finishing the online training. If you opted to complete the course in a classroom setting you will take a test immediately following the training session.

Are you nervous about taking and passing a test? Fear not! TAM® of Nevada has been helping students prepare for their exams for over 25 years. Before you come in to our official training to obtain your TAM Card, read on for more tips on making sure you’re prepared to pass with flying colors. Rest…

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Training Announcement from LVMPD: “Stay S.A.F.E – Sexual Assault Intervention Training”

Boulder Station Hotel & Casino in partnership with LVMPD’s Southeast Area Command is hosting a 2-hour training course to combat sexual assault in the Las Vegas Valley. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in collaboration with representatives from the Rape Crisis Center of Las Vegas will be on-site to inform attendees on the significance of these types ofcrimes. Additionally, strategies will be discussed to identify:

  • Common behaviors of sexual predators
  • Potential victims who may be vulnerable
  • lntervention methods and techniques
  • Available resources in the Las Vegas Valley

This course is an essential tool for Management, Security Personnel, Bartenders, Servers, and others working in the hospitality industry.

  • DATE & TIME: Thursday, March 15, 2018 – 9:00am
  • Boulder Station Hotel & Casino
  • 4111 Boulder Highway
  • Las Vegas, NV 89121
  • To register send e-mail request to: Randy Klenosky –
  • There is no fee for this training.

Always Check ID! Five Reno Businesses Fail Alcohol Compliance Check At Santa Pub Crawl Event

pub crawlImagine this: you are working a busy special event at your bar, serving beverages to customers. A young man walks up to the bar and orders a pint of beer. You size him up. He seems sober, confident, and greets you with a smile. But, he does look like he might be a little young. You wonder if the bouncer at the door checked his I.D. Think fast – what do you do? Ask to see I.D. to confirm his age, or make the sale and send him back to his table with a pint? If you chose option number two, you would have failed the test.

This past Saturday marked Reno’s 17th annual Santa Pub Crawl event. While a festive and fun occasion for thousands of participants. Local law enforcement were working to help keep things safe. Five area businesses were cited for serving alcohol to minors. The Reno area’s Regional Street Enforcement Team, comprised of area police departments, conducts regular alcohol compliance and TAM Card checks. On Saturday, the Team sent four 18-20 year-old volunteers out to attempt alcohol purchases at 51 area businesses. This time around, five of those businesses made sales to the minors. These volunteers were given instructions to show their actual state-issued I.D. if they were asked for it, clearly identifying them as underage, according to authorities.

The penalties can be severe. In Nevada, serving alcohol to a minor and allowing a minor into a bar are misdemeanors, with a pre-designated fine of $500. Now, think about your training. Would you pass an alcohol compliance check? Here are some tips for keeping things safe and legal:

  • Get your mandatory TAM® Card and alcohol awareness training. TAM® will train you on how to correctly check identification and how to spot fake, borrowed, or altered ID. Police officers may ask to see your alcohol awareness card during an alcohol compliance check, so it is important to be prepared.
  • Check ID very carefully, and look for any inconsistencies. Watch for anyone who seems either nervous, or over confident. When checking the birth date of a customer, don’t rely only on the birth year alone to confirm someone is of legal drinking age. Minors may try to pull a fast one on busy or distracted workers by purchasing alcohol just a few months or weeks shy of their 21st birthdays. As evidenced by this recent operation, doing the math correctly is very important.
  • Be vigilant about third party sales. If you see a third party (like an adult, who was approached by a minor in the parking lot) attempt to purchase alcohol for a person under 21, you have a responsibility to take steps to curtail the activity.  Retailers have the right to refuse any sale when a reasonable person in their position would conclude that the adult is purchasing on behalf of an underage person.  Not only do TAM Card holders have a legal and ethical responsibility not to make sales to intoxicated persons and minors; they must also be vigilant in preventing sales to other people who are clearly purchasing alcohol for minors.

Every establishment needs policies to prevent alcohol sales to minors, and to protect themselves from liability, and the public from harm. Tell us in the Comments below – how else do you think service workers can help curb teen drinking?


17th Annual Santa Crawl Hits Downtown Reno – KTNV