Techniques of Alcohol Management (TAM)® is a nationally recognized alcohol awareness training program. The TAM® of Nevada’s Alcoholic Beverage Awareness Program is approved by Nevada’s Commission on Postsecondary Education and is offered online and at the official TAM® training center. TAM of Nevada is managed by O/E Learning for the National Hospitiality Institute® and its staff of TAM certified instructors conduct training classes, proctor exams and issue official alcohol education cards (TAM Cards®).

An alcohol education card is required for owners, operators, managers, bartenders, wait staff, servers, security guards, cashiers, stock handlers, and clerks at casinos, bars, restaurants, night clubs, and grocery/convenience stores.  In Nevada, alcohol education cards are valid for four years after which time card holders must renew by taking the course again to refresh their knowledge with the latest legislation and become skilled in the new techniques and methods for keeping themselves, their establishment, the community, and their patrons safe.

Contact TAM of Nevada (www.tamnevada.com) for more information.


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