Laying the Foundations for Success – Great Traits for Bar Managers

Hospitality Managers have the difficult job of balancing the wants and needs of establishment owners, employees, and customers. A great manager can juggle customer satisfaction with a multitude of ever changing tasks each and every day, all while helping to support a busy staff, boosting sales and performance, and keeping an eye to the health and safety of patrons. Nightclub & Bar recently released an article titled, “How Bar Managers Can Succeed,” and we here at TAM® of Nevada wholeheartedly agree with the attributes they list as key for bar managers. You can read the full article here, and here are a couple more qualities that we’d add to the list:

  1. A passion for excellence. A great manager not only has a desire to lead, he or she takes pride in the service or product offered, and inspires the staff to put their best foot forward.
  2. Flexibility. In a busy and fast-paced world like Las Vegas’ hospitality industry, a manager who can roll with the punches is invaluable. Not everything will always go according to plan, and a manager who is adaptable and can be flexible is in the best position for success.

Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. What insider tips would you give someone looking to excel the in hospitality industry? What tips would you give someone looking to improve their management skills?


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