Meet Our Instructors: Mike Barden

mikebardenWelcome back for the next in our “Meet Our Instructors” series of blog posts. Before we profile another one of our instructors, we’d like to give a warm welcome to the newest TAM® of Nevada employee, Manuel. Manuel will be working at our front desk, so make sure to say “hello” when you come in for your alcohol awareness class or proctored exam. This week, let’s meet another one of our instructors, a true beverage industry expert, Mr. Mike Barden.

Before becoming a certified TAM® Instructor, Mike worked at Nevada Beverage Co. for nearly 28 years, holding many roles, including merchandiser, salesman, supervisor of P.O.S department and sales supervisor. For 12 years, Mike was head of training at Nevada Beverage Co., with the responsibility of training everyone in the sales and merchandising department for their positions and making sure existing employees stayed current with company training.

Now, Mike brings his real-world experience to students at the TAM of Nevada office.

What’s the most important piece of advice you’d give to a TAM Card holder?

Mike: Remember to ID everyone under the age of 30 and watch for fake ID’s.

What originally attracted you to work in the hospitality industry?

Mike: Interesting people, and the knowledge they have of gaming and hotels.

What’s your favorite thing about living and working in Las Vegas?

Mike: I love the climate, and get to play golf more often. I also love the variety of people here in Vegas; it’s truly a 24-hour town.

If you’d like to attend a TAM® Class taught by Mike, register for a class on our website. Mike’s teaching schedule varies by week, but you can normally find him teaching students on Mondays and Wednesdays. Or, visit us for one of our regularly scheduled classes with any of our talented instructors.

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Make It Your 2013 Resolution to Renew Your TAM® Card

TAM02_057Alcohol awareness cards expire every four years, are you due for renewal in 2013? Renewing your TAM® Card or alcohol awareness card has never been easier. Additionally, if you have obtained your alcohol awareness card from a different provider in the past, you can still renew with TAM® of Nevada. Why not complete the best training available and trade up for an official TAM® Card?

Please use the following information as a “cheat sheet” of TAM® Card renewal information, and pass on to anyone you know who may benefit from these details.

  1. Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a “shorter” class for students who need to renew their alcohol education cards. State law mandates that students must complete the ENTIRE program following specific topics and curriculum every four years in order to remain in compliance. Plan on dedicating about 3 hours to your course, followed by a short exam.
  2. Online or on-site, the choice is yours on which option fits best with your lifestyle and schedule. Classroom training is NOT required; you can take your alcohol awareness course online. You’ll receive the same great training and a valid TAM® Card with either option.
  3. We now also offer open lab time on Tuesdays for students who would like to complete their alcohol awareness training online, but do not have access to a computer. Students are welcome to visit our training center and use our computer lab to complete their training every Tuesday between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

TAM® is the industry-leading program for responsible alcohol server training and is approved by the Commission on Postsecondary Education in Nevada. Don’t accept substitutes. Trade in your old card and get a new TAM Card® today.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Is Your Staff in Need of Alcohol Awareness Training? TAM® of Nevada is Now Offering Onsite Classes and Proctoring for Reno/Sparks Area Businesses

TAM® of Nevada is expanding! In addition to our Training Center in Las Vegas, we’re happy to announce we’ll now be offering classes and proctoring for students and on-site solutions for businesses in the Reno/Sparks area.

Employers have a duty to ensure that all of their employees are properly trained in responsible alcohol beverage service prior to their start of work. Want to take the hassle out of staying on top of those training requirements? TAM® of Nevada offers special onsite alcohol awareness classes for groups and companies, and we’ll make sure your staff is trained the right way. Want to know if our training solutions might be right for your company?

  1. Do you have dozens or hundreds of employees who are working day, afternoon and evening shifts? With employees working a variety of different schedules, you can ensure that everyone receives convenient training on-site at your location at convenient times. TAM® is able to offer alcohol awareness training for businesses scheduled on-site at their work locations several times throughout the year. With this option, you can count on a solution that works for your current employees, and ensures any new hires receive the same great training.
  2. We offer options that have your staff taught with one uniform training program to meet all state requirements. When your employees receive training at your Washoe County business, we can tailor a program to meet your needs. TAM’s capable instructors are available to hold regular classes and proctor exams at your facility, at your convenience. For example, we recently launched alcohol awareness classes for Smith’s® employees in Mesquite, NV, and are preparing to provide required training for over 100 students on-site.
  3. With enforcement efforts on the rise, why risk having trouble with something like alcohol awareness training? Local police agencies in Nevada have been increasing their decoy operations and busting establishments and their employees for selling alcohol to minors. Additionally, if someone is busted serving alcohol to a minor, one of the first things law enforcement may do is check their alcohol awareness card to verify that it is valid. Remember, not all alcohol awareness training is created equal. We can evaluate your staff’s current status to make sure everyone is in compliance and holds a valid alcohol education card. Check out our recent blog post, “Over Half of Reno Bars Visited in Alcohol Compliance Check Busted for Serving Minors. Are You Checking for I.D.?” for additional details on a recent decoy operation.

TAM® of Nevada has been tailoring training to meet corporate client needs since its inception. Please contact us today to learn more or to arrange training for your facility.

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Online or On-Site – Pick the TAM® Class That’s Right for You

TAM ExamWe all know that Nevada service professionals lead busy lives, but fitting in your mandatory alcohol awareness training doesn’t have to be a scheduling nightmare! TAM® of Nevada offers convenient options for students who keep all types of hours, including training offered online, 24/7.

Classroom training isn’t for everyone. If you have a busy schedule, or just prefer to learn in the privacy of your own home, you may want to consider the option of taking your alcohol awareness training in an online environment. Our online training is just as complete and effective as our classroom training, and covers the same material. For students who complete TAM® online training, when you’re ready to take your proctored test and pick up your TAM® Card, we have convenient drop-in exam hours six days a week from 9:30am-5:00pm at our Las Vegas training center! Additionally, we now offer open lab time on Tuesdays for students who would like to complete their alcohol awareness training online, but do not have access to a computer. Students are welcome to visit our training center and use our computer lab to complete their training on Tuesdays between 9:30am and 5:00pm.

For students who prefer traditional classroom-based training, TAM® of Nevada offers class options to fit every schedule. We have instructor-led class offerings six days a week at our training center with multiple class times each day. Additionally, we also offer Spanish class every Tuesday at 6:00pm for Spanish-speaking students. Our knowledgeable instructors have real-world industry experience and will guide you through the training and give you practical advice, tips for success, and maybe even a few entertaining stories too. Check out our alcohol awareness class schedule to find a class that is convenient for you!

If you’ve completed your TAM training online or in the classroom, which option did you choose and what did you like about it?

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