Online or On-Site – Pick the TAM® Class That’s Right for You

TAM ExamWe all know that Nevada service professionals lead busy lives, but fitting in your mandatory alcohol awareness training doesn’t have to be a scheduling nightmare! TAM® of Nevada offers convenient options for students who keep all types of hours, including training offered online, 24/7.

Classroom training isn’t for everyone. If you have a busy schedule, or just prefer to learn in the privacy of your own home, you may want to consider the option of taking your alcohol awareness training in an online environment. Our online training is just as complete and effective as our classroom training, and covers the same material. For students who complete TAM® online training, when you’re ready to take your proctored test and pick up your TAM® Card, we have convenient drop-in exam hours six days a week from 9:30am-5:00pm at our Las Vegas training center! Additionally, we now offer open lab time on Tuesdays for students who would like to complete their alcohol awareness training online, but do not have access to a computer. Students are welcome to visit our training center and use our computer lab to complete their training on Tuesdays between 9:30am and 5:00pm.

For students who prefer traditional classroom-based training, TAM® of Nevada offers class options to fit every schedule. We have instructor-led class offerings six days a week at our training center with multiple class times each day. Additionally, we also offer Spanish class every Tuesday at 6:00pm for Spanish-speaking students. Our knowledgeable instructors have real-world industry experience and will guide you through the training and give you practical advice, tips for success, and maybe even a few entertaining stories too. Check out our alcohol awareness class schedule to find a class that is convenient for you!

If you’ve completed your TAM training online or in the classroom, which option did you choose and what did you like about it?

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