100 Years of History – Vegas’ Oldest Hotel and Casino Restored to its Former Glory

Las Vegas SignThe Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, first opened in 1906, unveiled the results of its impressive $15-million renovation and expansion project last week with a glitzy speakeasy-themed event. This is the first major renovation project for the property in 50 years. New features include a 5-story luxury addition, new suites and vintage-inspired penthouses, an expanded casino floor, a new state of the art casino surveillance system, and a new lobby featuring vintage and historical items, many of which were recovered during construction.

From humble beginnings as stopover railroad outpost to its current position as one of the most buzzed about and happening cities in the United States, Las Vegas has a rich and vibrant history, and the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino is a part of that. The property was a local fixture from the beginning, through the Roaring 20s, the Rat Pack era, modern times, and everything in between. Congratulations to the Golden Gate Hotel & Casino on their exciting new upgrades and nod to Las Vegas’ history. To learn more about the history of Las Vegas, check out our blog post, “Viva Las Vegas: History of a Great American City.”


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Attempted Robbery Foiled at the Bellagio

Jackie Valley of the Las Vegas Sun recently wrote an article outlining an attempted robbery at the Bellagio Casino last Saturday night. Two men entered the casino on Saturday evening and proceeded to the table games area. Both men were disguised with wigs and sunglasses, and attempted to use pepper spray to disable a dealer and other gamblers, and make off with over $100,000 in casino chips. Needless to say, the robbery attempt was foiled by Bellagio employees, security guards stepped in, and one alleged robber was arrested, the other is still at large. According to Metro Police, there is an ongoing investigation into the events of the evening and any other suspects involved. To read more about the events of the evening, check out the article, “Police: Bellagio Employees Foil Robbery on Casino Floor.”

As you may remember, the Bellagio was also the site of another infamous attempted robbery back in 2010 which was outlined in our blog post, “Are You Concerned About Recent Rash of Casino Robberies?” These events should serve as a reminder to casino employees and hospitality workers to always remain vigilant on the job and report any suspicious behavior to a manager or supervisor. As a security guard or casino floor employee, one has to be aware of their surroundings at all times. The job at hand is to maintain the safety and security of the staff and patrons of an establishment, and to diffuse any potentially hazardous or disruptive situation before it can happen. However, one should also be aware that it’s not just cheaters and thieves that need to be managed in a casino setting; security professional needs to be on the lookout for disruptive patrons, rowdy drunks, and even dishonest employees. Casino and hospitality professionals should refer to both their TAM® training and any additional company policies as they relate to guest safety and security.

What types of scams or suspicious behavior have you witnessed while working as a security guard? What, if anything, do you think casinos could be doing more to stop this from happening again in the future?


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It’s Green Bay Packers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers. What Are Your Plans for Super Bowl XLV?

It’s that time of year again, Super Bowl XLV is coming this Sunday; and, it’s going to be a blast. If you aren’t working, and don’t want to stay home to cheer on your favored team from the couch this year, there are plenty of options and places to join the party and watch the game all over Vegas. It doesn’t matter if you’re rooting for the Packers or the Steelers, if you prefer beer nuts and Heineken at the pub, or cheering loud with the casino crowd, there’s something out there for everyone.

Check out this extensive list of parties all over town, provided by Vegas Chatter. If you don’t find something to suit your fancy there, Vegas.com has also compiled their own list of the best sports books and parties for the big day; check out their list here.

Remember, kick-off time this Sunday will be at approximately 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time. Where are you going to watch the game? If you’re working, is your establishment doing anything special for the day?

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