Are You Concerned About Recent Rash of Casino Robberies?

Liz Benston with the Las Vegas Sun recently wrote an article on one of the more unbelievable stories to come out of Las Vegas in the last year. Las Vegas’ Bellagio casino was recently the site of a less than thrilling, but very costly, heist. A thief in a motorcycle helmet made off with a whopping 1.5 million in casino chips as a result of what some describe as lax security procedures within the casino.

For all of the high-tech gadgets and security features you’ll find in Vegas, there is surprisingly no law in Nevada requiring that a guard be stationed at all entrances.

There were ten armed casino robberies in the Las Vegas Valley in 2010. Do you think casinos should be doing more to stop this from happening again in the future? To read more on this story, check out Liz Benston’s article about how slack security can cost Las Vegas casinos.

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