Brush Up On Your Bartending Skills – Inspiration from Las Vegas’ Best Flair Bartenders

Flair bartenderThere are a lot of things that go into a great bartender: a winning personality, an attention to detail, and a dedication to the legal and moral responsibilities that come with serving alcoholic beverages. Think you might be right for the job? Why not get a leg up on the competition with additional skills and techniques to set you apart from the competition?

If you can flip bottles, juggle cocktail shakers, and serve up excellent drinks with a smile, you may be a great candidate for becoming a flair bartender. Additionally, flair bartenders can do pretty well for themselves, especially if they can entertain while serving. Flair bartenders will draw in more customers, making more money for the bar, and themselves.

Flair bartenders are known for using bar tools and liquor bottles as props to entertain while they are mixing drinks. It can be quite a sight to see someone juggling liquor bottles, mixing drinks behind their backs, carefully setting fire to mixed drinks, and more. Las Vegas is home to some of the best flair bartenders in the country, and boasts several bars and clubs that showcase their talents. If you’re considering a career as a flair bartender, Las Vegas is the place to be. Make sure to check out Las Vegas Weekly’s article, “From glass-juggling to bottle-throwing, the best flair bars in Las Vegas,” for a feature on some of the city’s most impressive and popular flair bars.

So you’re ready to become a flair bartender? TAM® of Nevada has some tips on how you can get started:

Obtain your TAM® Card. All hospitality professionals in Washoe and Clark Counties are required to obtain their alcohol education card prior to working at a location where they’ll be selling or serving alcoholic beverages. The Techniques of Alcohol Management® course will satisfy state training requirements and will give you the skills and knowledge you need to serve responsibly.

Get educated on bartending techniques. Flair bartending requires a solid working knowledge of bartending skills, plus lots of practice, practice, practice! Before you start juggling liquor bottles, it’s important to learn how to mix drinks, and build up your bartending know-how of tips and techniques. It won’t matter how well you can entertain if you don’t know how to make a martini.

Practice makes perfect. Every day at work you’ll have the chance to handle bottles and shakers, so practice spinning shakers in your hand and doing simple tricks when you have some downtime. Starting with the basics and working your way up to more difficult tricks, you’ll begin to feel comfortable with your props and impress your guests at the same time. You can also watch plenty of flair training videos online for tips and tricks to learning basic flair bartending moves. A great resource is TAM of Nevada’s YouTube channel; we’re always adding our favorite flair bartending videos and tutorials.

Our most important advice of all of all: Remember to have fun! What is the best advice you would give to someone looking to start a career as a flair bartender?


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Where’s the Party? How to Benefit From Favorite Celebrity Hangouts in Vegas

New York may be the city that never sleeps, but Las Vegas is the city that keeps bringing people back. This town has always been a hot spot for those looking to get away from the daily grind and live it up, and those people keep coming back for more. It’s not just the Average Joe’s that appreciate a trip to Sin City, celebrities and public figures are also frequenting our town. The popular saying goes, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” and those who live their lives in the public eye can’t help but be seduced by the idea of getting off the grid for a few days. However, in a world of Twitter, Facebook and smart phones, that isn’t always possible. Not only can we read about where these famous players like to hang out, if you’re lucky enough to work at an establishment that’s frequented by a fan favorite, you can bet that more guests will come pouring in if that news becomes common knowledge.

The publicity and press a club or bar gains when an A-lister is photographed having a good time in their establishment is invaluable. Look at the recent example of the cast of Glee partying at the Bank Nightclub at the Bellagio for Naya Rivera’s birthday. (Las Vegas Sun). Pictures of the event showed up in magazines and in gossip blogs all over the country, and the name Bank Nightclub will remain in the minds of those heading to Vegas in the next couple of months.

As we mentioned in our blog post, “Share the Vegas Inside Scoop for Bigger Tips,” one way to capitalize on this type of knowledge if you work in a bar or restaurant is to share with your guests about which celebrities are in town, and where they will be partying. Use social media to stay close to the latest celebrity news. ClubPlanet wrote an article titled, “The A-List Hangouts: The Top Celebrity Hotspots in Las Vegas” sharing some of the most popular celebrity hangouts in town.

Much the same, your guests will appreciate knowledge about any celebrity shows going on around town. One example would be Nick Cannon announcing he’ll be performing stand-up comedy at the Palms, which was recently reported on’s blog. Long-time favorites and well known performers who appeal to a wide audience, such as Celine Dion, are also worth keeping tabs on. She is, after all, preparing to return to Caesar’s Palace for performances beginning in March. ( A working knowledge of who is performing where, and how to obtain tickets, can be a valuable tool for a service professional.

Have you recently been star struck by seeing anyone famous in Vegas? How do you stay on top of all of the latest news about who is in town, and where they’ll be?


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