Share the Vegas Inside Scoop For Bigger Tips

Are you looking for ways to get bigger tips? One thing that can set you apart from other cocktail servers and bartenders is sharing some of the Vegas inside scoop with your guests. Here are some suggestions:

  • Tell your guests about which celebrities are in town and where they will be partying in Vegas. Use social media to stay close to the latest celebrity news.
  • Visit popular vegas travel web sites and give your guests some money saving and free show ideas, such as:
    • Using the Las Vegas monorail, trolleys, free trams, and free shuttles.
    • Checking out the fountain shows (of course), the Fremont Street experience, the Volcano at the Mirage, and the Show in the Sky at the Rio
  • Remind your guests of safety tips for walking along the strip:
    • For nighttime walks, never walk alone and stay on the strip.
    • For daytime walks, bring a bottle of water (especially during the hot summer months) and get a fresh bottle along the way.

By sharing your inside scoop, you’ll connect with your guests and they may be inclined to give you a bigger tip because you went above and beyond to help them have the best experience in Vegas.

What other ideas do you have for bigger tips?

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