Las Vegas Law Allowing Alcohol Delivery Goes into Effect on Sunday – Delivery Drivers Must Visit the TAM Office to Get Their Mandatory TAM Cards

Las Vegas restaurants and convenience stores can now use third-party delivery services like Postmates and Uber Eats to deliver alcohol to their customers. The new law takes effect on Sunday, January 30, 2021. Businesses struggling under the strain of COVID restrictions will now have another avenue to boost revenues. Restaurants and bars can use this change to enhance their menus. For example, providing unique cocktail options that set them apart from liquor stores.

Are you planning to offer alcohol liquor delivery service from your business? Make sure you know all of the rules.

  1. The law states that all delivery drivers MUST complete mandatory alcohol awareness training and get their TAM Card®. Drivers will be responsible for checking ID’s for age and verifying addresses upon delivery.
  2. The only place to get a real TAM Card® is  
  3. Delivery drivers must be 21 years or age or older.
  4. Delivery to hotels and casinos is not allowed.

If you’re a delivery driver and still need to get your TAM Card, you still have time! The official alcohol awareness course is available online 24/7 at After you complete your online training, visit the TAM® of Nevada office at 2310 Paseo Del Prado, A106, Las Vegas, NV 89102 to pick up your official TAM Card.

The only official TAM office in Las Vegas is open for business six days a week to issue TAM Cards. Our business hours are 8:30am-5:00pm Monday through Friday and 9:00am-12:30pm on Saturday. We look forward to seeing you soon


Why Most Employers Want You to Go To TAM®: Three Reasons to Choose a TAM Card

TAM CARDOften imitated, never duplicated, TAM® of Nevada has been the sole provider of official TAM® Cards to the Nevada community for over 25 years. Although there may be some other providers of credible alcohol awareness training classes in Nevada, not all courses are created equal. Rest assured, more employers recommend TAM® of Nevada for their employees’ alcohol education than any other provider, and for good reason. TAM® of Nevada students handle over 17 million sales transactions each year, and they’ve been trained to do it safely and effectively.

We know that hospitality professionals are busy, so we go above and beyond to provide you will the most effective and streamlined experience possible when it comes to obtaining a TAM® Card every four years. So what sets us apart from the competition? Here are a few reasons you can be happy you chose TAM® for your alcohol education card:

  1. Our training is engaging and valuable. Don’t settle for subpar training with pages of text and clip art or dull videos played by bored instructors. Our online and classroom course options both include fresh content with industry-specific scenarios for all types of employees. You can be sure your training is as up-to-date as possible, as reviews and updates are made to course material as necessary to keep pace with local and state laws and statutes. We also diligently review student feedback for anything we can do to further improve your class experience. Additionally, if you choose to complete your course in the classroom, you’ll get valuable instruction from fun and entertaining instructors with decades of industry experience.
  2. We don’t take shortcuts; be proud that your alcohol training and TAM® Card meet or exceed all state requirements. We work with state officials to make sure you receive the best education possible, touching on all required content. Additionally, we leverage our relationships with local employers and police agencies to make sure you learn about topics that are important to you, important to those who make hiring decisions and important in helping to keep consumers safe.
  3. Be proud that your card can’t be duplicated or obtained by cheating. Your TAM® Card will include your photo on the front of the card, just like a driver’s license. Not all alcohol awareness providers include a photo on their cards. We take this extra step to protect you, to verify your legitimate course completion, and to show your employer that you’ve completed the official TAM-branded course. Visit our website to see an example of a TAM Card, and steps on what to look for to make sure your TAM® Card is official!
    1. Additionally, the State of Nevada requires that all students must physically go to a course provider’s approved school location to take an exam that is proctored, and pass the proctored exam with a score of at least 75% to obtain a card. This means that you’ll either take your test at the conclusion of your classroom course, or you’ll have to visit our office after completing the online course to take your exam. This step ensures that cheaters aren’t able to obtain a card or let someone else take their exam for them.  Be wary of any provider that promises to mail you an alcohol awareness card after completing an online exam, this is in violation of state law!

All in all, our students should all be proud once they’ve completed a TAM course. Carrying your card shows employees and coworkers that you’re committed to an important part of your job duties and responsibilities.

Have Questions About Your TAM Card? We’ve Got Answers!

Frequently Asked QuestionsHere at TAM® of Nevada, we’re dedicated to excellent customer service, and educating our customers about the ins and outs of beverage service compliance here in Nevada. We’re open six days a week to teach classes and answer your questions. We often find ourselves providing details to our customers on several of the same topics. Here are the answers to some of your most burning questions:

  1. Can I also obtain my Sherriff/Work Card at the TAM® Office? Unfortunately, no. We are the only location in Nevada where you can obtain an official TAM® Card, but you’ll need to go elsewhere for your other employment requirements. A Sherriff/Work Card may be obtained from the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. For more information on Sherriff’s Cards, refer to the LVMPD website.
  2. What forms of picture I.D. are accepted for proof of identification at the TAM® Office? You’ll need to show us a picture I.D. before completing your proctored exam and picking up your card. Luckily, we accept several forms of I.D.! In addition to Nevada and out-of-state driver’s licenses, passports, and state ID cards, please refer to our website for a completing listing of valid forms of identification.
  3. What if I lost my TAM® Card or changed my last name? We often hear from students who have lost their TAM® Card, or changed their last name after marriage and were directed by their HR Office to update their TAM® Cards. If you originally obtained your card from TAM® of Nevada and it was not expired, there is no need to repeat the class! You may obtain a replacement TAM® Card at our office at a cost of $10. Please visit us during business hours, and bring photo identification. We’ll take your picture and print your new card right away.
  4. My TAM® Card is expired. How do I renew my card? Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a “shorter” class for students who need to renew their alcohol education cards. State law mandates that students must complete the ENTIRE program following specific topics and curriculum every four years in order to remain in compliance. Plan on dedicating about 3 hours to your course – either online or in the classroom, followed by a short exam. Trade in your old card and get a new TAM Card® today.
  5. I want to attend class tomorrow. Do I need to register online, or can I walk-in? The choice is entirely up to you! You may visit our website to register for an upcoming course, or you may review our schedule and choose one of our convenient class times without pre-registering. For walks-ins, please arrive fifteen minutes before class begins to register at the door.

Still have questions? Visit the FAQs section of our website where you may find the answers you are looking for. You may also contact us by phone at 702-545-6664, email at [email protected], or send us a Facebook message at We’re happy to hear from you and look forward to answering your questions!

Now Offering Exam Proctoring for Online TAM Card Students in Laughlin

Good news for TAM® students in Laughlin! There’s no longer a need to travel to Las Vegas to complete a TAM® Class or proctored exam. Starting this Thursday, June 27th, we will be proctoring final exams, by appointment only, for online students in Laughlin at the Laughlin Chamber of Commerce building, in the Manpower office. Find us at 1585 S. Casino Drive, Suite #550, Laughlin, NV 89029.

The process for Laughlin students is simple:

  1. Sign up for the online TAM® class. One of the biggest benefits of completing your training online is that the course is available to you 24/7, any time day or night.
  2. Once you’ve completed the course, contact the office at 928-753-1113 to schedule your exam. Head to our Laughlin location to take the short test. There’s no additional cost to you to take your TAM® exam. Come prepared with a picture I.D. to prove your identity, such as a driver’s license or passport. For more examples of accepted forms of ID, visit the TAM website.
  3. Smile! After you complete your exam, we’ll take your picture for your TAM® Card. You’ll be TAM®-certified and ready to work immediately after passing your exam.

We look forward to educating new and returning students in Laughlin, Nevada. And remember, classes are also offered six days a week at our Training Center in Las Vegas, and the third Wednesday of every month in Mesquite. Check our class schedule to find a time that works for you.

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