Join us! TAM of Nevada to Participate in Flavors of the Heart Culinary Event

foth2Trying to make heart-healthy choices? Dining out doesn’t have to be difficult!

As you learned in TAM® training, drinking too much alcohol can lead to high blood pressure, heart failure, stroke, and other health conditions. Learn more about alcohol and heart health at the AHA website, by taking an online TAM® course, or by joining us later this month at a special event.

As food and beverage professionals, TAM® students have a unique opportunity to help promote heart healthy food and beverage choices in their daily work. Restaurateurs and kitchen staff can develop healthy dishes to wow guests with discerning tastes. Servers can make recommendations about heathy menu items. And as individuals, we can all benefit from making smart choices in our own lives. What’s not to like about that? To promote these choices, attend the always exciting Flavors of the Heart event later this month. Join us for great education, great food, great tunes, and great company!

We’re pleased to announce that TAM® of Nevada staff volunteers will be on site to assist in the American Heart and Stroke Association’s Flavors of the Heart event in Las Vegas on Saturday, September 17th.

The purpose of this event is fourfold:

  • To celebrate the wonderful Teens Cook with Heart Program in Las Vegas
  • To educate the community on how to make healthier choices when eating out
  • To motivate restaurants to create heart healthy dishes (and promote those dishes at this event)
  • To increase awareness of the American Heart and Stroke Association and its mission

If you’ll be attending this fantastic event, TAM® Manager Sherry Cummings and additional TAM® Staff members will be on site and participating. Please stop by and say hello! Hearing directly from the community about what issues are important to them helps us to provide the best training possible for our students.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, September 17th. The event will include over 25 participating restaurants, food and wine tasting, music and special guests, and we’d love to see you there! Also be sure to stay up to date about this and other activities and events TAM® of Nevada will be attending by connecting with us on Facebook.

Event Details:

For more information, visit the Flavors of the Heart website.

Saturday, September 17, 2016 from 7:00pm – 10:00pm

World Market Center Las Vegas

Worldview on 16, Building B

495 Grand Central Parkway

Las Vegas, NV 89106

Join us! TAM of Nevada to Participate in Officers Down 5K Event and Community Day

5k eventTAM® of Nevada has been a part of the Las Vegas community for over two decades. We are proud to offer an important service to local residents and businesses. Additionally, we are always happy to get involved with community events to promote safety. We are very happy to announce that TAM® of Nevada will be sponsoring the Officers Down 5K Event and Community Day in Las Vegas on Sunday, June 12th.

The OD5K-Las Vegas will benefit OfficerDown.US, which gives people a means by which to serve those who have made it their career to serve. This event recognizes officers who put their lives on the line daily to keep our communities safe, and to honor those who have fallen in the line of duty. While officers give to the community on a daily basis, it is now our time to give back.

If you’ll be attending this fantastic event, TAM® Manager Sherry Cummings and additional TAM® Staff members will be on site and participating. Please stop by and say hello! Hearing directly from frontline emergency responders and police about what issues our community is facing helps us to provide the best alcohol awareness course possible for our students, with insight on what issues to be extra vigilant about. Let’s help honor and support those officers and the work that they do!

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday, June 12th. To learn more about the services we offer, visit our website, or visit with us at the event. The event will include lunch, live music, activities, and much more, and we’d love to chat! Also be sure to stay up to date about this and other activities and events TAM® of Nevada will be attending by connecting with us on Facebook.

Event Details:

For more information, visit the Officer Down 5K website.

2601 East Sunset Road

Las Vegas, NV US 89120

  • Registration & Check-in 6:30am-7:45am
  • 5K Run/Walk 8am
  • Kids Fun Run 9am
  • Community Day 9am-1pm

Job Searching in Las Vegas? Ace Your Next Hospitality Industry Job Interview

job searchFinding a great job in the hospitality industry can be challenging. The job market can be very competitive. Are you positioned to show hiring managers you’re the best candidate for the job? Beginning your search is only the first step. Here are some tips for putting your best foot forward and acing your next job interview.

A great way to prepare for your interview is to think about common questions that are likely to be asked, and how you’ll respond. Ask a friend to give you a mock interview. You can practice answering questions and gain helpful feedback about your answers. You want to make sure that you can impress with your confident and friendly attitude and industry knowledge. A mock interview is a great way to build up that confidence.

When you get to your interview remember to:

  1. Arrive on time or a little early to show you’re prepared. Allow yourself extra time to get to the interview, just in case. You don’t want to miss your chance because you were stuck in a traffic jam or got lost! By arriving a few minutes early, you’ll be ready to meet with a hiring manager at the scheduled time, and won’t keep them waiting while you finish paperwork.
  2. Be confident. Smile and sit up straight. Be sure to project a positive attitude and show the hiring manager you are enthusiastic about the opportunity. You can also show your interest by asking good questions about the position.
  3. Show your prepared to get to work. If you’ve already obtained your TAM® Card and/or your Food Handler Card and Sheriffs Card, you’re ahead of the curve! Let the interviewer know if you already have these mandatory requirements completed. It can work in your favor if you have your cards already and can begin work sooner.
  4. Thank the interviewer for their time. Be sure you leave on the same positive note you came in on!

Now it’s your turn. Tell us – what other tips would you give to job seekers in the hospitality industry?

Did You Know? TAM Cards Are Required for Serving Alcohol at Special Events and Festivals

FestivalsIt’s a beautiful September in Las Vegas, and the always popular Life is Beautiful festival is right around the corner! A huge number of volunteers and employees will descend onto the festival grounds in downtown Las Vegas from September 25-27 to help serve and sell alcoholic beverages to festival attendees. If you’re planning to participate, are you prepared? As with any upcoming festival, it is a good time to remind people about the rules concerning all special events.

Contrary to popular belief, alcohol awareness cards ARE required for anyone selling or serving alcoholic beverages for any length of time, including special one-time events… and the TAM® Card is the one you should have. We often receive calls asking if TAM Cards are needed for individuals who will be working to sell or serve alcoholic beverages for festivals, special weekend events, weddings, and similar situations. Even if you will only be working in this type of position for a short period of time, an alcohol awareness card is still mandatory. It protects you, your employer, and your patrons.

Taking it a step further, all hospitality professionals should remember that checking for ID is a huge responsibility. Room service, banquets, conventions, limo rides, race tracks, weddings, festivals, company picnics and celebrations, concession stands, and the list goes on! ID Checking at special events is absolutely imperative – are you following the letter of the law?

Just because a participant may have a special event pass, or may be attending an “adults only” wedding reception, that does not relieve the server from checking for photo ID. Bartenders should follow procedure to card anyone who appears to be 30 years of age or younger. It is better to be safe than sorry, and helps to keep underage guests safe.

To register for an online or on-site alcohol awareness course and obtain your TAM Card, visit TAM of Nevada’s website today!