TAM® of Nevada Now Offering TAM Card Exams in English, Spanish, Arabic, and Korean

Las Vegas employers know that this is a diverse, multicultural area featuring residents who speak a variety of different languages, both at home and in the workplace. Are any of your staff members non-native English speakers? If any of your employees have English as a second language, TAM® of Nevada is offering a great new benefit for them.

Do you have ESL staff members who may feel more comfortable taking their alcohol awareness training exam in their first language? With our classroom-based training option, TAM® of Nevada now offers students the opportunity to complete their final exam in English, Spanish, Arabic, or Korean. (Note: We will also be adding Tagalog soon.) Students with English as a Second Language can focus on what they have learned without the additional hurdle of English literacy.

Don’t forget, ESL students aren’t the only ones who need TAM® Training. Employers have a duty to ensure that ALL of their employees are properly trained in responsible alcohol beverage service prior to their start of work. Why not take the guesswork out of the scenario and contact TAM® of Nevada? We offer classroom-based, online, Spanish language, and special onsite alcohol awareness classes for groups and companies, and we’ll make sure your staff is trained the right way. Read our blog post, “TAM® Offers On-Site Classes for Nevada Businesses,” for more information on alcohol awareness training solutions tailor-made for our corporate clients.

© 2012 National Hospitality Institute®, TAM® of Nevada


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