Slow Night at Work? Make the Most of Your Downtime

Even in the busy summer months, every service professional knows that once in a while there’s bound to be a slow night at every establishment. What have you done to pass the time in the past when you’ve worked a shift without a rush of patrons to keep staff busy? The next time you find yourself at a loss for how to make the best use of your downtime at work, take a look around and see where your efforts could be best put to use.

A night with few customers makes for an opportunity to catch up on cleaning and organizing the back bar and dining areas. You can pass the time dusting down bottles on display, wiping up counters, and generally tidying up common areas. Look to see if the “Lost and Found” can be cleaned out of any sunglasses, umbrellas and knick knacks that haven’t been claimed for an extended period of time. Your manager and coworkers will appreciate the effort, and a sleek and streamlined bar will be all the more appealing to patrons.

Are you a bartender? Consider experimenting with new a new cocktail recipe if you have guests who are looking to try something new. When you don’t have to rush to take care of and keep an eye on a multitude of customers, you may have extra time to get creative. You’ll get to practice your mixology skills, impress your customers, and maybe find the next signature cocktail for your establishment’s menu. Mixology is becoming increasingly popular, and lots of patrons want to feel like bartending aficionados. Offer guidance, but let customers get involved in their drink selection. While you’re at it, why not suggest an appetizer or entrée that would pair perfectly with your creation? This is a great way to help increase sales and make sure your guests are also eating and not over consuming alcoholic beverages.

Downtime at work is the perfect time to review your Participant Manual from TAM® Class to brush up on the Techniques of Alcohol Management®. TAM® Students receive a participant manual following the completion of their training. This document has a wealth of information on the alcohol awareness topics covered in your TAM® Class. There is a reason TAM® training must be repeated every four years, this information is critical to hospitality professionals and anyone who serves or sells alcoholic beverages.

What tips do you have for other hospitality professionals to maximize their time on a slow night?

© 2012 National Hospitality Institute®, TAM® of Nevada


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