Discover the Benefits of an Online Alcohol Awareness Course

Online coursesOne requirement for servers and sellers of alcoholic beverages in southern Nevada, including Las Vegas, is to complete an alcohol awareness course and obtain an alcohol awareness card before starting work. What you may not know is that all courses are not created equal. So, how do you choose?

Under Nevada law, individuals can choose an online or a classroom-based course, as long as it is approved by the Nevada Commission on Postsecondary Education. Luckily, TAM® of Nevada is approved to offer both online and classroom-based training, and is the only official provider of TAM® Cards in the state of Nevada.

We are often asked if our online TAM® course meets the same requirements as the classroom course. The answer is YES. We are proud to offer a course that’s not only available online 24/7, but a course that’s also fun, informative, and that will prepare you for your career in the hospitality industry. Here are some additional benefits of an online alcohol awareness course:

  • Online training (also called eLearning) resonates with the busy and connected Millennial generation. Learners today are looking for a learning experience that lets them think and participate in finding the important information… as well as discovering why it is important to them. As opposed to a speaker in a traditional classroom-based environment, an online course lets students be more involved in the learning process and pacing.
  • Location becomes unimportant. When going beyond the classroom, a course provider can ensure equal access to the same materials and learning experience, regardless of where a student is located. With an online course, students can be sure that they’ll receive the same great quality training that their friends and coworkers have also received – no worries about finding the best instructor or arranging a schedule for commuting to class. Just plug in, connect to the Internet, find a comfortable spot to work, and begin!
  • eLearning can be adapted for a variety of schedules. Night and weekends shifts and busy lifestyles shouldn’t stop a learner from finding a convenient time to take a class. Taking the time to attend a class after a long day at work or on a Saturday morning isn’t always appealing. The ability to plug in to an online alcohol awareness course 24/7, and to complete the course at one’s own pace means not only are students better able to fit in the time to complete their courses, they are better able to focus and actually learn the necessary content when it is convenient for them.

Want to learn more about the course content and demo the online TAM course? Check out our course demo, and see if it is right for you! You’ll be able to see the interface, test out the navigation, and review several of the course topics and videos included in the full version of the course.


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