Job Hunting: 4 Tips for Finding Hospitality Jobs in Las Vegas

hospitality-jobs-marketWe all know the job market for hospitality workers is competitive. However, companies across southern Nevada are always advertising new positions, and there are some great opportunities are out there for motivated job seekers. For example, new Las Vegas property SLS Las Vegas announced this week that they are hiring 300 hotel, restaurant and finance positions this month, with 2,500 more positions to open up in the spring (Vegas News). This is exciting news for Las Vegas locals and just the tip of the iceberg in terms of opportunities for TAM® Card holders. Are you looking for a new career? Here are some tips to help you on your job search:

  1. Identify companies you would like to work for. It’s not enough to check job listing websites and hope to find an opportunity. Make a list of companies or local properties you would be interested in working for, and connect with them directly. Las Vegas hotels, clubs and casinos are great about posting information on job openings and hiring fairs on their websites and social media channels. Staying connected with local properties will give you a heads up as soon as open positions are announced.
  2. In an effort to help hardworking TAM® Card holders connect with local employers, we keep an up-to-date job posting board at our official training center on Paradise Road. When you come in for an alcohol awareness class or proctored exam, make sure you check out our job board near the reception desk. We keep in touch with properties all over town and try to keep our students informed about any available positions for hospitality and service professionals. You may find a listing that would be a great fit for you.
  3. Visit job fairs to meet with potential employers face-to-face and make a great impression. TAM® students receive the best alcohol awareness training possible, and employers know it. By attending job fairs, you can sell yourself, and your skills, to employers, and network with representatives from several companies in one setting. You never know who you’ll run into; TAM® of Nevada Manger Sherry Cummings attended a Diversity Career Fair at the Palms Casino and Resort in mid-February to meet with local companies and TAM® Card holders. If you see us at a local event, remember to say hello!
  4. Be prepared for an interview and any next steps. So you’ve obtained your TAM® Card, performed a job search, and now have an interview lined up… your work still isn’t done. You’ll need to impress hiring managers with your personality, attitude and work ethic. For tips on how to ace an interview, check out our blog post, “Come Prepared and Ace Your Next Hospitality Industry Job Interview.”

Searching for a great position can be a challenging process, but having the right tools to help you get started can greatly boost your chances of success. What tips would you give to job seekers for finding a hospitality or service position in Las Vegas?


SLS Las Vegas Now Hiring 300 Hotel, Restaurant and Finance Leadership Positions –

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