Wishes for Safe and Happy Holidays from TAM of Nevada

TAM CardLas Vegas is a city that knows how to throw a party. Bars and restaurants all across town are preparing for a week of successful and festive holidays promotions. With everyone getting revved up for the holiday season and big holiday parties, what does that mean to you as a server, seller, security officer, operator or establishment owner? You need to be prepared.

  • Servers and sellers should be extra vigilant in checking identification and observing guests. Be sure that your guests are not over-served and are getting enough food and water while they are enjoying their alcoholic beverages. If one of the guests in a group you are serving becomes intoxicated, check with other guests in their group to make sure that they have a safe ride home. If necessary, let any guests know that AAA will offer Tipsy Tow service with a one-way ride to drivers and their vehicles, up to 5 miles, at no cost on both Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Rest assured that tow service will only be provided to a driver’s home and not to any other drinking establishment or similar location, so you know your patrons will get home safely.
  • Security Professionals should note that big party nights equal higher energy levels, increased levels of excitement and overindulgence. Be visible and interact with your establishment’s guests to defuse potential issues. Be extra diligent when checking IDs to ensure that you keep the underage out of your 21 and over establishment! A recent decoy operation during a “Santa Pub Crawl” in Reno resulted in a 91% compliance rate for establishments checked for selling alcohol to minors, which is great. But, regardless of the impressive compliance rate, there were still establishments which failed the check. Don’t let your guard down this holiday season (KOLO 8 News).

We would love to hear from you! What other recommendations do you have for keeping the holiday celebrations fun and safe for your guests?

TAM® of Nevada is wishing all of our students a safe and happy holiday season and New Year. If you could like to come in for a TAM® Class or proctored exam next week, our holiday hours are as follows:

  • Monday 12/24 and Tuesday 12/25 – CLOSED.
  • Wednesday 12/26 through Friday 12/28 – Open 8:30am-5:00pm. Classes at 9:00am and 2:00pm.
  • Saturday 12/29 – Open 8:30am-5:00pm. Class at 9:00am only.
  • Monday 12/31 – Open 8:30am-5:00pm. Class at 9:00am only.
  • Tuesday 1/1 –CLOSED. We will reopen for regular business hours beginning Wednesday, January 2nd at 8:30am.


© 2012 National Hospitality Institute®, TAM® of Nevada


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