Heineken Promotes Responsible Drinking with New Ad Campaign

In an effort to help promote responsible alcohol consumption among consumers, beer giant Heineken is kicking off a new ad campaign telling their customers that, “Sunrise belongs to moderate drinkers.” (Bar Business Magazine). Liquor and beer brands have long promoted responsible beverage service, sales and consumption, but this new move from Heineken really highlights the idea of enjoying an alcoholic beverage, having a great time, and being responsible about your health and safety. Heineken’s campaign will be based around drinkers responsibly consuming alcoholic beverages and ending the night enjoying a sunrise.

The campaign will appear in both online and offline advertising, and will feature heavily in Heineken’s social media channels. You can check out Heineken’s Facebook page to see sunrise photos shared by other fans, and contribute your own. And remember, TAM® of Nevada is also on Facebook, connect with us socially to join the conversation about TAM training and responsible beverage service and sales, plus stay up-to-date on news, events, TAM® tips and more.

Have you seen Heineken’s newest ad campaign? Do you think it will help to promote responsible drinking?


Heineken Launches “Sunrise” Campaign for Responsible Drinking

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