Working at one of the fall festivals in Las Vegas? Check out our TAM Card® promo for Life is Beautiful, Downtown Brew Festival, and more

fallfestIt’s autumn in Las Vegas, and that means it is festival season. Over the next 45 days, volunteers and employees will descend onto the festival grounds to help serve and sell alcoholic beverages to attendees at more than half a dozen special events. Whether you’re working at Life is Beautiful, Downtown Brew Festival, the San Gennaro Feast, the Great Las Vegas Taco Festival, the Las Vegas Food and Wine Festival, and the Carnival of the Dead, we can provide you with your mandatory alcohol awareness training.

We’re offering a special discount code for anyone who needs to get their TAM Card® for one of these events. Use promo code FALLFEST for $5 off your alcohol awareness training and TAM Card when you register at Whether you prefer to complete your course online or in our classroom, we’ve got you covered. Don’t delay – only the first 50 people who use this promo code will receive the discount.

If you’re planning to work at one or more of these festivals, make sure you are prepared. Alcohol awareness cards are required for anyone selling or serving alcoholic beverages for any length of time, including special one-time events and festivals… and the TAM® Card is the number one choice of employers in Las Vegas.

To register for a class and get your TAM Card, visit our website today. Spread the word to your friends and family who are planning to work at these events.


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