Fake IDs Are Going High-Tech. Do You Know How to Spot Them?

Fake IDsMany college and high school students used to turn to peers with photo software and laminating machines to produce fake ID’s. Hospitality professionals and police officers alike are trained on how to spot these, but recently more sophisticated and convincing fake IDs have begun appearing on the market. Alarmingly, a new breed of fake identification, complete with holographs and barcodes, is popping up in more and more states, and it can be almost impossible to tell them apart from the real thing. For a few hundred dollars, enterprising teenagers and young adults are able to secure very realistic fake driver’s licenses and are finding it easier than ever to enter bars and clubs and purchase liquor. Are you aware of these new high-tech fake IDs, and are you making sure you aren’t getting duped?

Reporter Ashley Halsey of the Washington Post recently reported on this new wave of identification being produced in China in her article, “New Generation of Fake IDs Flinging Open Doors to Underage Drinking.” These fake IDs are being produced using real photos, signatures and identifying information specific to the purchaser, and even police officials and experienced bartenders are having a difficult time telling these apart from real IDs. So what can you do to make sure you’re looking at a legit driver’s license?

If your establishment uses a bar code reader to check identification, you may be in luck. The type of ID reported about in the article cited here has identifiers which are being flagged as bogus by card readers. Specifically, you can look for the words, “by PARTiTek” on the readout. Additionally, make sure you are up-to-date on your TAM® training, and remaining vigilant about traditional ways to spot bogus identification.

Still want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to help prevent underage drinking? Check out our blog posts, “Are Minors Using Fake IDs and Sneaking Past You?” and “ID Scanners – Friend or Foe?”

TAM® Card Holders, what are some tricks that you’ve seen used by fake ID holders? What would have been helpful to know when you first started checking IDs?


New Generation of Fake IDs Flinging Open Doors to Underage Drinking – Washington Post

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