Now Offering Exam Proctoring for Online TAM Card Students in Overton

AnatomyOfaTAMCardGood news for TAM® students in Overton! There’s no longer a need to travel to Las Vegas or Mesquite to complete a TAM® Class or proctored exam. As of July 7, 2015, we will be proctoring exams for online students in Overton on the second Tuesday of every month from 2:00pm-6:00pm at Lin’s Fresh Market. Find us at 350 Moapa Valley Blvd., Overton, NV, 89040.

The process for Overton students is simple:

  • Sign up for the online TAM® class. One of the biggest benefits of completing your training online is that the course is available to you 24/7, any time day or night.
  • Once you’ve completed the course, please call 702-397-2312 in order to schedule a time to take a short exam. There’s no need to make an appointment, and no additional cost to you to take your TAM® exam. Come prepared with a picture I.D. to prove your identity, such as a driver’s license or passport. For more examples of accepted forms of ID, visit the TAM website.
  • Smile! After you complete your exam, we’ll take your picture for your TAM® Card. You’ll be TAM®-certified and ready to work immediately after passing your exam.

We look forward to educating new and returning students in Overton, Nevada. And remember, classes are also offered six days a week at our Training Center in Las Vegas, and the third Wednesday of every month in Mesquite. Check our class schedule to find a time that works for you.


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