With College Students Returning to Campus for the Fall Semester, Be Extra Vigilant in Checking I.D.s

Underage drinking is a serious concern in Nevada, and police agencies across the state are working to remind retailers, servers of alcohol, and teens that if they do not abide by the laws, they will face consequences. With students returning to classes for the Fall Semester, many young adults are moving in to dorms and living on their own for the first time, which means a new sense of freedom for many.

Many young students will be busy adjusting to their new schedules, making new friends, and in many cases, partying around and off campus. If you work selling or serving alcoholic beverages, be on the lookout for underage drinkers, and make sure to always check for valid identification. Additionally, remember to keep a close eye on patrons and make sure no one is over-served. Even adults ages 21 and over need to be monitored closely to keep things safe. For more tips on stopping underage drinkers, read our blog post, “A Dangerous Cocktail –Teen Drinking.”

Police are stepping up their patrols around the state. On August 24 and 25, officers from the University of Nevada Police Department and Reno Police Department issued 32 misdemeanor citations and seven people were arrested for various underage drinking violations (KRNV Reno). On the other side of the state, Mesquite Police Officers recently conducted a test using a 21 year- old male to see if retailers are asking for identification when alcohol is being purchased. Of the nine businesses checked, one did not ask for ID. In this case, even one slip-up could have resulted in severe consequences if the purchaser had in fact been underage (City of Mesquite).

Don’t forget, alcohol education in mandatory in both Clark and Washoe counties. In addition to online and regularly scheduled classes in Las Vegas, TAM® of Nevada is able to conduct alcohol awareness training courses for businesses in Reno, and offers courses for individuals once a month in Mesquite.


© 2012 National Hospitality Institute®, TAM® of Nevada


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